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    Passive interface confusion

    Deshawn F.

      So I have my home network set up like this. Not the best but hey. My scenario is as such. I have SecureCRT set up on my Lab PC in the 172.16.3.x network. I have a session for my 3 routers Core (via, P2R1 (, and P2R2 ( I'm trying to learn all about EIGRP and passive interfaces etc. One thing I did was enable EIGRP on the 10.1.1.x network on each serial interface between the routers. 10.1.1.x. I also enabled EIGRP on the fa interfaces on each router. 172.16.x.x.


      For some reason when I enable passive-interface on the P2R1 ( fa interface I lose connection completely to router P2R1 in SecureCRT and I can't understand why. Could someone explain this to me.