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    Cisco Learning Lab Discovery Static Routes


      So I was working on this lab last night and finished.  I felt like I was grasping the logical aspects of it, most specifically, how the routes were making the connections.  I understand that when your creating routes, your setting up points of contact where all devices can communicate with each other.  I'm just learning how to program these routers and switches.  Does it take a couple of times going through labs like these before it sinks in?  I understand that each interface has it's own IP address and that will go to a different router or link?  Is that the best way to think about it and also diagram with IP goes to which interface on a different device?  Thank you in advance.

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          Hi Terry.. In my understanding when you do Labs you have to link routers and switches with either ethernet, Serial cables.. Once linked together you power them up and console to the devices to configure them, most importantly unshut your the interfaces you have the cables connected to. Connectivity is simple when doing it in the virtual lab but You have to try and get exposure to the real equipment as in most cases when attending to faults you deal with actual equipment and you have to learn to know what fits where and how.  I hope my 2% input answers some of your questions.. take care bud.. Remember to save your configs.. copy run start OR write