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    CCNA Wireless Passed 918/860


      Hi Guys,


      I am happy to announce that I passed my CCNA-W with 916/860. I used the stuff recommended by most guys from this forum


      OCG- which is not the best. I read it 3 times front and back + notes. IMO the OCG covers maybe 60% of the content of the exam.

      Jerome Henry videos from Safari- highly recommended, a lot of information which are not covered in the OCG. I watched the series 4 times and did a lot of notes. I also converted the series into mp3 to listen on my phone during commuting to work, cycling and so on. About 85%-90% needed for the exam.

      LAB: AP 3502i as the autonomous. I was not able to connect it to the vWLC but I did not care too much about it. I used a Lab vWLC available at work and one from production to see how it works in the real world- I could not change anything in the configuration so I just got acquainted with the GUI and CLI- be sure to know them thoroughly. For Prime I looked up some screenshots/ tutorials available on the internet, same for ISE.

      Additionally I read a lot of configuration guides, watched some CWNP videos and Apple/ Android tutorials on Youtube.

      It took me 6 months to prepare.


      The exam was very hard for me and I was surprised when I saw the magic word "pass" at the end. Be sure to read every question a few times to understand it correctly.