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    VIRL PE Team at Cisco Live, Barcelona 2019


      The VIRL development team is at Cisco Live Europe again this year.  While we do not have a booth in Barcelona, you can find the VIRL team in the DevNet Zone most of the week.  Come talk to us about VIRL Personal Edition!


      • See the demo of some changes that are planned for a future release of VIRL Personal Edition.
      • Give the developers your feedback about the product.  We want to know what you think!
      • Interested in participating in a future VIRL Personal Edition EFT (Early Field Trial)?  Add your name to the list!
      • Finally, don't forget to ask the team for the special VIRL Personal Edition discount code for attendees of Cisco Live, Barcelona.


      We're currently hanging out near the Real NetDevOps in Action booth in the DevNet Zone. If you're having trouble finding us, ask at the DevNet information desk about where the VIRL team is, or tweet at one of our engineers: @eskay2, @rschmied_csco, or @tbryan314.


      Ralph Schmieder will also be presenting this week as part of the breakout session BRKSDN-2158: Network + Engineer + Simulation = Success, at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, Jan 30.


      Edited by Tom to provide more details.

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