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    VIRL Initial Setup - Cannot access GUI


      I just purchased VIRL. I know networking but not Linux or VMware. I imported the .ova into VMware Workstation Player and started the VM. I went through the guided setup then was prompted to login to the CLI. I did that and there's a message that says the UI can be reached at {http://ip address}, but browsing to that URL does not work on my computer. Where did I go wrong? All of the documentation I've found seems to gloss over the specifics of getting the GUI running. Thanks in advance.

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          Karlo Bobiles

          Hello Joel,


          Try the following:


          Please shutdown your VIRL server. Check your VMware Workstation Player settings for your Network Adapter. Change the setting to "NAT" instead of "Bridged". Then power back on and check the IP address.


          2019-01-10 08_10_55-VIRL Initial Setup - Cannot access GUI - 131887 - The Cisco Learning Network.png


          Please keep me posted.


          Karlo Bobiles

          Cisco Learning Network

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            THANK YOU! That worked. Now when I login to the UWM, I get the below message. Will that resolve itself over time or do I need to do something to provide Internet access or license information?


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              Karlo Bobiles

              Hello Joel,


              Please download the latest copy of your license from your account before resetting your Salt settings.


              Reset your salt settings by performing the following:


              1. At top of the VIRL PE virtual machine console window; locate the management URL (User Workspace Management)

              2. Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address assigned

              3. Login to UWM

                   Username: uwmadmin

                   Password: password (This is the default password, if this doesn’t work, please use whatever you configured during setup)

              4. Click VIRL Server > Salt Configuration and Status

              5. Click Reset Keys and ID

                   *If you received the VIRL subscription license as a compressed file, it must be extracted prior to upload!

              6. Click Load config file

              7. Select license file and Click Open

              8. Click appropriate button for your region to populate List of Cisco Salt Masters

              9. Select eft.pub (Regular use) from Master Sign Public Key dropdown menu

                   *Do not use any other master public key!

              10. Click Reset

              11. Upon completion, you will be returned to the Salt Configuration and Status page

              12. Verify Last successful contact section displays today's date.


              If you continue to get the same error message, please run the VIRL Server Config Validation script and attach your results to this thread.


              Thank you,

              Karlo Bobiles

              Cisco Learning Network