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    VIRL for CCNA and CCNP

    Lahar Vahia

      Does anyone know if VIRL is good for preparing CCNA and CCNP - wireless labs? My friend got me a lab book, but instead of purchasing cisco labs which is $750 for one year for each exam on CCNP Wireless, he recommend me to purchase VIRL. Now, we both are not sure if VIRL has useful images for CCNP - Wireless.

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          Not exactly.  No Serial or Frame Relay. Many features are missing that your want to practice on for CCNA and CCNP.    You can do a lot but not everything.  I use Packet Tracer and VIRL.   VIRL also takes serious hardware to do 20 nodes.   I bought a refurbished HP DL360e Gen8 server with 6 NICs, dual Intel 6 core Xeons, and 96 GB RAM along with a Fortinet 60E 10 port routing firewall for 5 live NICs.