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    Is Cisco VIRL losing users?


      Seems like less and less posts to the forum.   Less and less response from new users?   VIRL admin team takes days to respond, if they do at all.  We are getting one release a year.   Doesn't seem to help us on our CCNP exams anymore?   We were promised a new awesome release?  Last one was almost a year ago.   Did Cisco give up on VIRL and is pulling support from it?   I remember the new manager of the team's video of the new product would be coming?  OK?  When?   Seems like the same few users try to help those who do post?   What is going on?  Maybe the new VIRL manager can chime in? 

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          Eh I still like the product but the silence is getting annoying.

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            Definitely going to have think hard about renewing the next time if there continues to be no updates.

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              Fred P. Baker #3555

              I have stopped using the product and will not renew, it is just to **** twitchy. Maybe for people who have time for 'NIX desktops, but I dont need tools support for the tools support for the tools that I use. Next live I will tell Chuck to either support the product as more than a science project to get it off the devops slides

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                Problem is to simulate hardware you need RAM and CPU power most users don't have.  

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                  30 Day notice on VIRL renewal.   Can't move ahead with simulations because server modes don't work.   No serial.    I am considering moving on to other certs from CompTIA and others that can get me the same money as CCNP without all the BS of Cisco.  Karlo said I would get help on Server nodes.   I get 4-5 accolades a week for helping others.  Simple things that should work in VIRL don't.   Packet Tracer is free and does it better.  

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                    Karlo Bobiles

                    Hello Michael,


                    Thank you very much for your valued feedback and I apologize about the delay in response.


                    I wanted to let you know that I’ve forwarded your feedback to the product manager for review. Please rest assured that VIRL is actively being enhanced and developed. We highly encourage you to continue checking this VIRL group or the following thread for any future news or announcements regarding VIRL updates.




                    As for the issue with "Server Nodes", I've requested for an update from alegalle. Currently awaiting for his reply.


                    Thank you,

                    Karlo Bobiles

                    Cisco Learning Network

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                      March of 2018 was the last release.   Still doesn't do what we need to pass the CCNP exams.   That is why I invested $4000 into the HP server, Fortinet 60E firewall, and VIRL.   I wanted to be able to simulate everything I needed for the 3 exams.   My last CCNP Route exam was 11 Frame Relay questions.  VIRL can't do it.   The Ubuntu Server Nodes are missing Eth1 to connect to the simulation.  $200 a year for VIRL is a lot of money I can put into other certs that I can get done and make the same money from.   Explain why we don't have a beta release by now?  We have no information or timeline on the beta.  Alegalle seems too busy to look at my Server Node discussion from 2 weeks ago.  Today, I am at 30 days to my renewal of VIRL.