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    Icmp between 2s L3Out


      Hello All!


      Could u help me with contract between two L3Out?


      I have a very simple topology, one tenant, one VRF and two L3Out.

      R1 --- Leaf1101 --- ACI --- Leaf1102 --- R2  - something like this.


      I also have loopback on R1 and R2 which I get via ospf to fabric and via M-BGP i can see this route on R1 and R2. In fact it's just transit routing.
      I dont any trouble with routing i can see all route and thats good.
      But i want to ping from R1 to Loopback on R2, and i cant do that.

      I got contract for icmp allow between this two L3Out but it didnt help me at all.
      Even when  I turn on unenforced state in VRF it doesn't work either.

      Could you tell me more about what I can do, and how can I check something that will help me solve this problem?