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    Just starting CICD 210-060 and have a few basic questions




      I'm just starting my studying for CICD and I'm a bit confused about the software and versions used on the test.


      If someone can, without violating any rules, help fill me in on the following as I was unable to determine this by the exam topics:


      What version of CCP (Cisco Configuration Professional) is used?

      What version of CUCM (Cisco Unified Communication Manager) is used?

      What version of CUC (Cisco Unity Connections) is used?

      What version of CUP (Cisco Unified Presence Server) is used?


      I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not but I know Cisco sometimes does not use the latest versions.


      Also if I missed any major applications could you let me know what else and version I would need.


      Thanks in advance for you assistance.