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    VIRL 1.5.145 IOSXR errors




      Im having major difficulties booting IOSXRv or IOSXR9000v nodes.


      I can add IOS and nxos nodes fine but IOSXR are taking forever and reporting multiple errors as below. I have installed the images from UWM Virl Software and although took a while and hung at no dest file it did finally report as finished.


      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:45:37.246 : mpls_lsd[310]: %LIBRARY-REPLICATOR-3-IDT_FAIL : Failed to complete IDT after several retries: rc 0x0 (No error)

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:45:57.095 : ipv6_ma[276]: %LIBRARY-REPLICATOR-3-IDT_FAIL : Failed to complete IDT after several retries: rc 0x0 (No error)

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:48:38.883 : BM-LOCAL[145]: %LIBRARY-REPLICATOR-3-IDT_FAIL : Failed to complete IDT after several retries: rc 0x0 (No error)

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:48:57.442 : mpls_lsd[310]: %LIBRARY-REPLICATOR-3-IDT_FAIL : Failed to complete IDT after several retries: rc 0x0 (No error)

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:49:17.281 : ipv6_ma[276]: %LIBRARY-REPLICATOR-3-IDT_FAIL : Failed to complete IDT after several retries: rc 0x0 (No error)

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:50:44.175 : l2vpn_mgr[1182]: %L2-L2VPN-3-INIT_ERR : L2VPN process being re-spawned due to problem initialising: Pre-role subsytem initialization failed returned No such file or directory.  : pkg/bin/l2vpn_mgr : (PID=1700080) :  -Traceback= 422e88a 4231eff 4229e6d 4200054

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:50:44.235 : sysmgr[75]: %OS-SYSMGR-3-ERROR : l2vpn_mgr(1) (jid 1182) exited, will be respawned with a delay (slow-restart)  

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:50:44.235 : sysmgr[75]: %OS-SYSMGR-3-ERROR : l2vpn_mgr(1182) (fail count 1) will be respawned in 10 seconds 

      RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  4 14:51:30.942 : statsd_manager_g[1145]: %MGBL-IFSTATS-3-STATE_CHANGE : Failed to handle node state change: 'Subsystem(1417)' detected the 'warning' condition 'Code(54)'


      See attached logs.


      I did run the following as found in a reply post to no dest file, but made no diff.


      sudo crudini --set /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf DEFAULT keepalive_count 15

      sudo sed -i '/^[[]DEFAULT[]]$/d' /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf

      sudo service libvirt-bin restart


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      OVA running on VMWare Workstation 12

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            alejo-VIRL Support

            DazMondey, you have allocated 16 CPU cores to VIRL virtual machine but the processor only has 4 physical cores. So, does your computer have multiple sockets? Can you provide more details about the hardware and also, take a look at task manager while the simulation is starting and note disk and CPU activity.  Do you see a large spike in CPU and disk activity?

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              Is it installed in VMWare?  I have two 6 core CPUs that show 24 logical cores. 

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                i did notice this after I post, the machine ha 2x physical l5520 quad cores. I changed to 2 processors 8 cores and issue remained.


                intermittentmay see cpu spiking to 130%.



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                  Also to add more detail, the VIRL PE console is showing KVM : VCPU0 unhandled rdmsr: 0x38d


                  IOSXR console:


                  This (D)RP Node is not ready or active for login /configuration

                  RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  5 19:51:19.393 : sam_server[362]: %SECURITY-SAM-3-ERROR_2_PARAM : Failed setting I_BIT on backup file, /disk0/sam_certdb

                  RP/0/0/CPU0:Dec  5 19:52:18.429 : sam_server[362]: %SECURITY-SAM-4-WARNING : Failed to initialize nvram digest


                  Now tried with 1 process and 4 cores same outcome 133% CPU, I fear the answer that is coming that although I have plenty of RAM processor not up to the job

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                    Can anyone provide any other ideas before I scrap it and try last ditch bare metal iso.


                    Hoping I havent wasted $200 on license. Cisco really should put some benchmark hardware for this! As cpu requirements aren’t listed as top spec.

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                      VIRL Calculator shows you what hardware is needed to run it.   I used it to determine a refurbished HP DL360e Gen8 server with dual 6 core Intel processors and 5 NICs were required for what I wanted to do.   I am considering finding a 4 CPU Xeon server for my next build.  I also added a Fortinet 60E 10 port firewall for 5 layer 3 ports. 



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                        I Scrapped VMware workstation and attempted bare metal install, all going well until dependency error! Then rebooted and left uninstalled.


                        Seems CIsco is not clear enough on requirements or product is not mature enough.


                        as before this should be knreference hardware only, and this should be advertised.


                        wasted $200 don’t bother with VIRL unless you can purchase brand new hardware, even then who knows if up to it. I did have running on packet but could not afford to keep running 24/7, and re-deploying was troublesome.



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                          Calculator showed me I needed a HP Server with a lot of cores on Xeons that could handle VMWare and VIRL.  To do the advanced stuff, a lot of ram.  I am at 96GB and can go to 384GB.   The list of requirement for the CPUs is simple.  Intel Xeons are what you need to really get it humming.  Many users try to put it on a Linux grade box with limited CPUs and ram.  Won't work!  The calculator said how many cores and RAM was needed.   $1200 bought my refurbished DL 360e Gen8 with a 15 month Carepaq.  I added for $200 the extra NICs for 5.  VMWawre Standalone is free.  I put an 8GB SD card in the server slot for VMWare.  This forum can help you build it correctly.   It was not designed like limux for low end hardware.  I can do 20 device simulations with no issue. 

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                            Calculator is not helpful single iOSxr states 4gb ram 2 cores.


                            i Have 96 gb ram 2 zxeon l5520 with 8 cores and can’t run a single iosxr.



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                              I have never used these devices before.  I had to set a username and password on one to get them reachable. 

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                                IF only the devices being unreachable was the issue. They do not boot.


                                is there anyone who can suggest anything beyond that just so happens the hardware I’m using doesn’t meet cisco’s Unknown requirements?

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                                  I found it with Google Cisco VIRL Hardware.


                                  Above I posted the UWMAdmin Screen.   Please post it so we can see your hardware and what it installed.  It shows that all my components and installed.  It shows my Intel Xeon E5-2340 CPU and RAM. 




                                  I use VMWare 6 U 3 Essential Kit on the server because I back up my VMs with VAEEM.  You can see all my NIC adapters listed on the screen Network 0, FLAT, FLAT-1, SNAT and INT.   I have 5 active NICs for VIRL to route out with. 


                                  This shows what VIRL is using for NICs and resourses.

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                                    Internal 1 to 5 are what connects VIRL's 5 NICs on the HP DL360e Gen8 to my firewall.   This is a Fortient 60E 10 port layer 3 dual WAN firewall.  I have policies to allow VIRL out to my TFTP server and to the internet.


                                    This is the static routes for VIRL to use.  I created both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for all 19 devices in a simulation to use.  20th is FLAT-1 out to the real world.  I can use any of these ranges.   I setup address ranges for loopbacks and router-ids for the protocols.


                                    My setup was expensive to build.  It is setup to do anything so far in VIRL.  


                                    We will help you resolve your issues.   First VIRL is not a low end product.  It requires a lot of hardware to simulate with.   


                                    Start by posting the UWMAdmin screen and information about how you configured it on your computer.  Is it in VMWare or bare metal.   The UWMAadmin screen will tell us about your hardware and configuration. 

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