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    So, another DE lab attempt done, now what?


      Just wondering for the people whom have experienced the 10-12 week waiting time for their DE lab results,what they do in between?


      It is a very long time in this day and age for some results right?


      In the spirit of the DE, below is a list of possiblities during the wait time for results;


      1) Chillax (do nothing) - you have earnt a break, life has been waiting, might have got lucky

      2) Keep the fire burning (light studying) - didn't feel too good about the attempt, 10-12 weeks is a good head start towards next attempt.

      3) This is the last straw (moving on) - it was good whilst it lasted, thanks for the good times, I have more worlds to explore (ie studying something else)

      4) CCDE until I die (stay in 100% study mode) - no reason to stop the journey, why lose the momentum?


      I think the optimal solution for me is option mix of 1 and 2 until result comes out then option 4, if the result is a scorecard and not a number.