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    Connecting VIRL to VMware Workstation VMs


      Hello folks,


      I know I can use FLAT to bridge VIRL nodes to VMs, which I have done successfully, but is it possible to connect multiple separate VMware Workstation VMs to the same virtual VIRL switch while keeping them all on the same LAN/broadcast domain?  The other requirement is to force traffic to go through the virtual switch which is where I'm stuck because putting both VMs on the FLAT Workstation Pro LAN segment bundles them onto the same Workstation Pro virtual switch so they can communicate with each other without going through the VIRL switch first.  I'd like the virtual topology to simulate as if the Workstation Pro vms are each connected to separate physical ports on the VIRL switch. 


      I know I can put VMs inside VIRL, but I like the convenience of the Workstatoin Pro interface.


      Here's a diagram so this makes sense

      DHCP Hardening.jpg