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    VIRL simulations fail since reboot - vCPU available 0 (zero)




      Im using VIRL 1.3 on ESX from the ovf image, it has been working fine, until the other day the VM was accidentally powered off, since it has come back up it is not launching simulations, it fails with error messgae saying there are 0 available vCPUs (Ive checked and no simulations are running. I also followed a guide on these pages for verifying there is nothing stuck in the sessions db table)


      Ive done the system health checks and checked services with the virl_setup tool, both seem to say that some openstack services fail to start correctly. The following services are crashing:

      Agent "neutron-metadata-agent" (host "virl") is not up

      Agent "neutron-l3-agent" (host "virl") is not up

      Agent "neutron-linuxbridge-agent" (host "virl") is not up

      Agent "neutron-dhcp-agent" (host "virl") is not up


      Ive tried resarting all services through the virl_setup tool, as well as editing the cpu overcommit value which is suggested in some other threads, and rebooting the virl server cleanly, all of which seems to have no effect. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this, and if the error relating to no vCPUs available is related to the Openstack services failing or whether its a possible vmware issue?