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    Passed CIVND 210-065


      Passed CIVND 210-065 yesterday by not much, but it all counts. Very happy to have it out of the way and it gives me my CCNA Collaboration. I thought I would share the study materials I used, and what I thought of them:

      • I always start studying with the CBT Nuggets as it gives me a good overview of the topics. This worked for me again and then I dig deeper.
      • I researched each of the Cisco Video products on the Cisco website. At a minimum, I used the datasheet so I had a good understanding of what each product does.
      • Official Certification Guide. I read it twice and found it good for endpoint information, but was missing large slabs of content that where in the exam. If I had my time again, I would have read it once and then ignore it.
      • I used INE CCIE Collaboration rack rentals for hands on with TMS and VCS
      • I work day to day with Cisco CUCM so I am comfortable with the voice side of things and can navigate my way round CUCM.

      A couple of points that have been stated elsewhere, but are worth remembering:

      • Most products tested in the exam are End of Life.
      • I don't know why video surveillance is included as I have never met a voice person who is responsible for it but you need to study it.
      • Stop calling Cisco Press books Official Certification Guides as this gives the impression that they will cover all topics to get you certified, which they do not. Call them a study aid and make it clear on the book that Cisco does not own Cisco Press.

      Happy to have got this exam out of the way so I can move on wards and upwards to CCNP Collaboration.

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          Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm doing the exam in 3 days, I hope it goes well!

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            Arwa good luck with your exam

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              Congrats Nicky!  I wish I had read your post before taking the exam last week.  I found your comments about the Official Cert Guide to be right on the mark.  I failed the test based on the assumption that the cert guide on it's own would prepare me.  More work ahead!! 

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                Can someone in the group here indicate from personal experience the best online training site for CCNA Collaboration?


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                  a pass is a pass... wtg

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                    Keith Craycraft


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                      Hi Nicky,

                      Congratulations on passing your CIVND 210-065 and obtaining your CCNA Collaboration certification.  Great achievement!!

                      I wish you all the best in your networking career.



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                        Hello, I did the exam two days ago, it was quite difficult, but I passed !

                        Thanks Nicky for your advice!

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                          Brilliant Arwa, congratulations!

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                            Hello Arwa,

                            Congratulations on passing your certification exam.  Great achievement!!



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                              Great work Nicky.


                              I am starting my studies on on the CIVND and your experience will help in on setting up my study Plan.

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                                Hi Nicky,


                                Good Work!


                                I have Just completed the CICD Exam and diving into the CIVND Studies.

                                Could you please advise how did you do the Labs for the CIVND Modules?

                                I have a CUCM Image running on VMWare which I used to do the CICD Labs. I also have a VCS Image for VMWare but the system is not allowing me to load the image, the error I am getting is "Failed to deploy OVF package. The given key was not present in the dictionary.

                                Would you have a VCS Image that I could download for my Demo Lab?




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                                  Hi Nick,
                                  I used INE CCIE Collaboration rack rentals for hands on with TMS and VCS. I have colleagues who used dCloud. I found it too expensive to build my own home lab.
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                                    Hi Nick,

                                               Your comments on the exam are spot on. I did the exam today, and, much to my surprise,  I did pass.  For those are also attempting the exam this is what I found:

                                    - the Official Certification Guide is a guide only and does provide background - but the questions in the exam were in a different league, so you do need other sources.

                                    - I used the Boson material to complement the OCG.  This works as Boson covers areas that the OCG materials are weak on.  The Boson explanations and supporting links to Cisco reference material are very helpful and can save you a great deal of time.

                                    - I set up a lab.  CUCM, TMS, VCS are all virtual - so they are free if you have a VMware environment to run them on. Note that he VCS is a bit limited as you can only register three endpoints and have only one traversal and one non-traversal license.  It would be nice to have 3 traversal and 3 non-traversal licenses so that you can actually do a conference.The video phones are not too expensive on eBay - but do get a DX650 - it is really good.   The expensive items were a telepresence endpoint and a bridge.  I bought a beat-up and scratched EX90.  I wish it had a multisite license but it didn't, so try to get one with multisite - you can then use it as a bridge and get some conferencing going.  As for a bridge I bought an old MCU 4505.  It was expensive but is a truly amazing unit.  It just works - but be warned, factory reset deletes the option keys, so you need to buy one that comes with the option keys (this is what I did) or rely on SmartNet to send them to you.  I believe Smartnet will generate and send the keys if you enter the units serial number.  One other point to note is that the unit has 5A002 security classification (to do with encryption) - so if you buy it from another county you may find you need to apply for an import license - pays to check (I learnt the hard way).  Whilst I had headaches importing the MCU, setting up the lab was probably the best thing I did as I tend to learn by doing.

                                    - There is a big gap between the training materials and the real exam.  I'd suggest sitting the exam early so you get a feel for what the exam is like and use the experience to guide your study.  Given the scope of equipment is very large - phones (many), telepresence endpoints (several series), CUCM, VCS, TMS and a number of MCU series.   Conductor and Cisco Telepresence server will also be touched on. It is easy to get lost in this ocean of equipment.  So by doing the exam early in your studies, you gain and idea of what to focus on.

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