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    CCNP Study Material?




      I'm interested in purchasing study guides for the CCNP, however I'm a bit conflicted at the selections; I observed the CCNP has two guides (Official and Foundation) and most websites. I really just want to start studying, but it seems a bit confusing?


      Thank You,

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          The official guide does not cover the entire blueprint and this is where the FLG can be used to fill in the gap. So you will need both books to to prepare for the route exam. It doesn't matter which book you use first but my personal choice would be the FLG just because I find it details topics better than the OCG.

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              The only accurate info is the exam outline.

              the book and video do not align with other materials


              i was able to get my CCNP in this order.





              Tshoot was a breeze once i had studied for and passed SWITCH and ROUTE

              this then enabled me to easily get my CCDA


              now i'm headed to CCDP

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                Sarah, (and others please chime in)- Do you know offhand which blueprint topics the OCG does not cover?


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                  typically the ocg at least mentions, if only in passing, most of the blueprint topics... the important distinction here is this:


                  if it is mentioned, but only briefly, that means it's time to take a deep dive from an external source, but then, every topic of the blueprint should be reviewed through the lens of several resources...


                  the takeaway is this:


                  there is never a single source...

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                    Felix Solis

                    Regarding the Configuration Guide, 2000 plus pages. Has anyone dived into this guide page per page? I do agree that no single source in itself will get you thought the exam. Comparing the uDemy videos by Laz and the O'Reilly videos by Kevin Wallace, I can say both mentioned some of the same items, but each provided me some information the other did not. So when it comes to OCG versus FLG, the term foundation says it all. One could say OCG is the cliff notes to FLG, perhaps so.


                    I have an example:  Many years ago someone convinced me to read the RFC for SIP to learn about SIP. I was half way through it when someone stopped me. We had a real world issue at work, and it was driving people crazy. I remembered something I read in the RFC, presented my information, and BAM!!!  All ended well. So just maybe reading the white paper will give a glimmer of hope for that one off question not covered by Kevin Wallace, Laz, OCG, or even FLG. Just maybe Chris Bryant covered it better.


                    Seriously, who has read the config guide's 2000 pages?

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                      Felix Solis

                      Okay....So I been reading the first 80 pages of the configuration guide. I am blown away by some things I did not recall hearing in the videos I looked at, or the books I been reading.  Dang.  2000 plus pages here I come.

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                        use the config guide to fill in the blanks, or where topics seem to be suspiciously light; ie:






                        do you need the config guide for spanning-tree? maybe not, since by this time you should have stp coming out your ears... but it might help solidify mstp, or the differences between the versions of vtp, especially v3, etc...

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                          Definitely both books. After passing CCNA R&S exam this September, I've decided to go for CCNP Switch. I'll start studying this January, and I'm planning to sit for the exam in May/June. I was planning to use the OCG and FLG, however, while studying for the CCNA R&S I found really helpful to read some CCNP material. So, I was planning on doing the same for the CCNP exams; so I guess I'll try to get CCIE VOL 1 book. It may be a bit too much, but I think that you need to prepare to have a clear understanding of what you are doing and learning.

                          That's my take on it. Hope it helps you out.

                          Good luck!

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                            Anthuny- I did end up purchasing the FLG as well. And I have found MANY typos, etc. Just read carefully and examine why something does not make sense -- it may not be your lack of understanding, it may simply be a typo. I guess in a way this is a good thing, makes you examine a little deeper.

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                              I just failed the route test yesterday by 50 points, and I sat there for 20 minutes wondering if they had given me the wrong exam.  You're right, the OCG doesn't cover all the exam topics.  So, I'm now asking the question too, what material does? I looked into the FLG, and from the comments I read on amazon, it doesn't either.  Someone commented that these areas aren't covered:

                              - Frame relay - it mentioned in the book that is covered in CCNA so they will not touch it. Well some news for you, it was Frame relay was removed from CCNA so there is no way you learn by these books Frame relay
                              - PPP
                              - Overall the Layer 3 is well explain and exposed, with few exceptions as redistribution problem
                              - EVN poorly explain
                              - SNMP
                              - NAT64, NPTv6, tunnel IPv6 to IPV4 manual or automatic
                              - NetFlow
                              - Logging

                              Those were exactly the topic areas that made me think they gave me the wrong test.  Those topics aren't covered well or at all in the OCG either.  Sure don't want to spend $150-180 on another book that doesn't cover what I need.

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                                Steven Davidson

                                If you’re looking for a single source that’s going to provide 100% coverage of the ROUTE exam (or any other exam in the R/S series at any level) it is either going to be cisco.com or Cisco Live! On-Demand library.   Both are free.

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                                  The material you can find in Cisco.com is really good. Try to go through the exam's blueprint, choose a specific topic and look for more material in Cisco.com so you can dive deeper.

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