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    SIP Trunk vs Gateway h.323


      Hi, Dear Friends !


      i am new in world of VOIP Network

      i have my own LAB installed 3 CUCM and 2 CME with 7 or 8 voip phones

      i have used dial-peer in CME and Gateway h323+ Route-pattren in CUCMs

      all of the phones are able to communicates with each-others by using thier relative route-pattern (CUCM) and dial-peers (CME)


      there was a question come to my mind that when all phones are able to communicates with each-other so what is SIP Trunk Protocol ?

      1. why we don't simply use dial-peer to connect outside world,

      2. what dose ISP uses to route public calls to us, it is CUCM, CME or some other companies devices ?

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          Hi Mohammad


          When you telephone somebody an initiation protocol occurs. One of these is SIP. The older ones had grown over time and SIP was an attempt to create a common protocol. The best way to think about SIP is like email. Emails use a domain address me.com and all it is fine until I want to email you.com. In the real world we normally retain extensions for phones so 1234@me.com wants to telephone 5678@you.com. Me could e a CME and You could be a CUCM.


          SIP trunks have two meaning they can like CME to CME or CUCM. The other meaning is a SIP to PSTN gateway. Cisco routers in corporate environments but specialist equipment in providers.


          Finally because the SIP trunk comes into your enterprise they often have special firewalls called session border controllers.


          Traditionally phone manufacturers had their own protocol from phone to phone system but these have generally moved to SIP but H323 is still used.



          Regards Conwyn

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            So, in this Case we can not Call from 1234@me.com to h.323 or vise versa ?

            1. how the Telecome Providers Connect h.323 to SIP Network ?

            2. when we uses Private Cell Phones which protocol dose it uses to Connect Telcommunication ISP

            3. is it Possible to uses CUCM for Cell Phone Registration and Call routing ?