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    Passed CCNA Wireless..


      Just took the test and passed with a score of 910 out of 1000, figured it share what I can without breaking any rules!


      This was my first CCNA specialty exam. I did take a Cisco Spark exam, but I dont consider that anywhere near on this level. I studied day and night for the past ~2 months, our organization was in desperate need of someone to have this cert, so I was lucky enough to be able to dedicate about 75% of my in office time to studying. Also spend nearly every waking moment away from the office studying. I used the official cert study guide, and an older INE video series.  I also do have some real world experience, just because before now we did not have a true "wireless" engineer, so I was forced to learn in a trial by fire.


      The video series filled in a lot of the gaps that the cert guide did not cover, but honestly I thought the cert guide was pretty indicative of what the test was about.  I have read many posts about how the study guide does not cover most of what is on the test, but I disagree. Granted, I lived with that book. I read it front to back probably 4 or 5 times, and I made sure to review the parts that I was not 100% sure of even more times


      I watched videos of concepts that I couldnt seem to work out.. like for me it was different security mechanisms.


      I converted INE videos to audio, and even listened while I ran/was stuck in traffic. What I am getting at is I LIVED the material for a solid two months, and I passed with a few questions to spare.  Put in the work, follow the study guide, take notes, and most importantly do not get down if you fail.  Most are not going to have the luxury that I had in being able to study while at work, and I still barely passed.  It is a freakin' hard test.