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      Hello everyone!


      I'm new to CISCO. I want to take certificate from from CISCO, but I don't know which one is best for me at this moment CCENT OR CCNA.

      And another thing I want to ask is, please help me to choose the right learning sources.

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          How much previous networking experience do you have?  If you have little to no previous networking experience, I would have to say start with CCENT, thats what its designed for.  If you feel comfortable with networking basics already, and have done a decent amount of network troubleshooting, start with CCNA.

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            Thank You, and what about learning sources?

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              I am fairly new to Cisco myself and still trying to find all of the best learning sources, however I know that the Wendell Odom CCENT book is supposed to one of the better books.  The notes are posted on here.  I can also email them to you if you like.

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                hi enes

                will there are many resource for studying CCENT
                1- Books like " CCENT ICND1  Official Exam Certification Guide - Second Edition by Wendell Odom " or " Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guide ICND1 by Todd Lammle "

                2- practices on switch and router IOS and you have 2 ways to do that
                   a- buy it ( which will cost you alot of money ).
                   b- use a simulation software like Boson sofware or CCNA Network Visualizer or other softwares

                3- other resource like videos , exam preparation



                Do not despair and persist and you will find the entire topic fun

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                  Think of the CCENT has the 1st half of the CCNA.  As you learn the material for CCENT, grow confident and maybe get a little hands on, you can then take the ICND2 test which is the second half of the CCNA.  Getting one will lead you into the other.


                  Personally, much of my material has all been CiscoPress books.  My favorite CCNA authors are Wendell Odem and Todd Lammel.

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                    I agree with what was said above, you can't lose with the exam certification guides by wendell odom.  They are great.  Just go to amazon and buy them there.  I'd stay away from cisco press as they are always more expensive!

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                      Thank's for your help, If is possible please send me some of your learning materials [titles of course].

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                        i got this book is this the book you are talking about????



                        where can  i get a CCENT certificate here in the Phillippines i'm also willing to learn with CISCO system but i don't know nothing...