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    Special Character on Lab NPDESI



      in NPDESI LAB, I can't insert special character as [ ] &

      Did anyone experience same issue?

      After contacting Cisco Support, they suggest me to use keyboard on monitor, but it is hard to use it during all labs.

      Any solutions

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          I've had so many issues with the NPDESI course labs not working, I'm about to give up and find other classes for my CE classes. My company paid for it and if it were my money, I'd be demanding a refund. It is ridiculous how bad these classes work for $750-$1500 when a $10 Udemy class works better and looks better.

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            Daniel Dib CCIE #37149 CCDE #20160011

            It was very challenging to perform these labs. As you said, the keyboard mismatch is painful. I also experience lag so that I typed for example "s" it would show up as "ssssssssssss". Then I tried to delete and it deleted far more than I expected and so on. I was close to giving up on it. Then I found a way of setting up reverse SSH so that I could use my own SSH terminal and keyboard to perform the labs. Things were much smoother after that.