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    Just failed my first CCNP-Route attempt


      10 minutes ago i failed my first try on the CCNP route exam with a score of 662.

      I was suprised by some of the questions as i focussed the biggest part on the routing part the questions where mainly about

      different subjects.


      I studied using Cisco press, CBT and a lot of labbing.


      how was your experience doing 300-101?

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          Sorry to hear this Jeffrey. I'm sure you gave it your best shot. It's one of the hardest networking exams, and has enough content to blow your mind.


          1. Try and remember as many areas where you weren't confident, and make a plan to go over that section of study again (sorry!)

          2. Don't give up - ever!

          3. The ROUTE OCG just isn't up to the job in my opinion, so continue to use alternative resources for going over content, as you will definitely need to.

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            Hi Jeffrey,


            I understand, you may feel down now.  But I want you to know, that you have to be proud of yourself.  Since you took the exam.  You went thru all of the "real" thing and now you are aware of all the type of questions you had on it.


            I am sorry to learn it didnt go well for you this time.  Please take it as an experience and move on.  I am sure you did the best you could.  Remember that Cisco exams aren´t easy too.  As James said to you, don´t give up.  Be positive that next time the outcome will be different.  You can do it!


            Review the sections in which you didnt do well and read more on the topics you consider need more focus from the exam.

            Jeffrey.  Stay positiv.  Also you could consider reading the followinig blog:


            6 Ways to Build Confidence for the Cisco Certification Challenge



            All the best in your next try. Above all...believe you can do it.  Next time I am sure you will pass it. 




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              Thanks for the support haha, i guess i focussed on the main routing subjects too much, and left out the smaller subjects and the exam really did a deep dive on those. The only routing questions were labs which were pretty fun to do actually.

              I guess its ok, when i pass this ill have more knowlegde on routing than i have right now.

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                I think that's the temptation of everyone. After all, it is a ROUTE exam, and almost half of the marks surround routing. However, there are a huge number of other items to consider. I have my exam in 2 weeks time, this coming Saturday, so I will know what you went through shortly! I'd like to think my notes are comprehensive, so if there is anything you'd like help with, or an alternative form of content, just shout - we're all trying to crack the exam together.

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                  If there are any areas of concern, shout up and I'll post a link for the notes on here. I'd be happy to share links to articles I've read for each section also, my ROUTE favourites folder has grown!!

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                    here's the rule of thumb i use:


                    if the ocg mentions something only in passing; that's a red flag

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                      Hey Jeffrey,


                      I'm sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel better, it took me 3 attempts to pass Route. It was one of the hardest exams I have ever taken. There's such a large amount of material and I think it's very easy to just focus on the routing without realizing that the blueprint has a large number of additional sections on it. I know for me at least that was part of my problem.


                      In my experience, CBT nuggets does not go in to enough depth and the OCG doesn't cover everything either. Personally, I used INE for videos. The full guide and I also supplemented with Travis Bonfigli's guides on BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, and DMVPN (These were amazing by the way). For books I used both the OCG and the FLG. For topics that apply to both switches and routers (NTP, SNMP, etc.), you can't really beat the official Cisco documentation. Seems like some questions are even word for word from the official docs. Throughout all of these materials I used Anki to make flashcards on everything and studied them every single day. If you haven't heard of it, Anki is an online tool to make flashcards with. It uses spaced repetition and it is probably the single most helpful thing I have ever found for studying. After I had completed all of the material I worked through the entire INE Route workbook.


                      Bottom line- don't give up. You've put in the time and effort. Now you know what the test looks like and that should put you at a bit of ease on your next attempt. Dive back in, find the best way of studying that works for you and knock it out when you go back! Best of luck!

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                        I will have to keep that to heart Arteq


                        I also failed the exam and also focused a bit much in the Layer 3 technologies, will try again next week since I missed by 50 points and know exactly where I failed.


                        The book for CCNP Switch was good enough I'd say, but can't say the same for CCNP Route, some topics were too shallow and some subjects were not even mentioned

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                          supplementing the ocg's with the flg's i think is a good plan

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                              Travis really is the man. I've posted links to his ROUTE playlist in another post. He covers the Cisco Learning Labs in a really great way, but always includes a high level of detail. I highly recommend Keith Bogart's videos from the ROUTE course. They are easily found online. Completely true about the wording from the Cisco official documentation. When learning content for Cyber Ops, I quickly realised that any Cisco product, was best studies for by reading the official documentation, with a plus point being that many of the restrictions or prerequisites in particular, often find their way to an exam. So, Netflow, DMVPN, EVN, CEF - these are all catered for by reading on the website. Look at it this way, it's straight from the horse's mouth. You just have to find a way of remembering it all!! it's tough going, but I know it will so be worth it. Cisco really gets in your blood, for good. Own it.

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                                Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S

                                I'm sorry to read that you failed this tmie. Don't give up. All the best for your next attempt!

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                                  Hi Jeffrey, sorry to hear this, I know the feeling. The big key is the blueprint. Follow the blueprint and work your way through each subtopic one by one until you are confident on that subject, then move on to the next. Read and Lab everything if possible and repeat if needed. Do not depend on a single source (except the blueprint), use multiple sources like Cisco Documentation, OCG, videocourses, youtube, CCIE-blogs and more to get different input about each topic. Never quit and you will get there!

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                                    Last one from me tonight - don't forget the very awesome - CCNP Routing and Switching Portable Command Guide

                                    Down and dirty with the bottom line commands. Less of the theory, and probably more of a book for after understanding the initial concepts. I love the amount of "CAUTION", "NOTE" and "TIP" points in the book - these are all the little nuggets that the ROUTE OCG should have otherwise had wearing flourescent green trousers in order for you to spot. Absolutely great for putting in your own labs, knowing that you've managed to include all of the important commands for that section. Missing a bit of GRE and Frame Relay configuration though.

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