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    RSSI VS Amplitude


      Hi all,


      Since RSSI deals with signal strength as it relates to dBm, Amplitude deals with signal strength as it relates to mW, and dBm can be converted into mW, can they be considered synonymous; in that they both represent signal strength using different measurements?

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          phil morgan

          Hi Tyler.


          They are all the same thing.


          RSSI, Amplitude, mW and dBm all measure the same thing.


          Problem is though is none of them are calibrated, and RSSI is calculcated differently by different vendors.


          So you should not compare RSSI values between different devices. However, if you stand at point A and measure with a device, then move to point B and measure with the same device, you can compare the differences and get valuable information.

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            Shahryar Ali - CCNP R&S / CCDA

            They are the same thing however we always use RSSI in wireless networks and is more specific to the received signal. The amplitude could also mean the strength of the transmitted signal, RSSI is the received strength at any point. RSSI is mostly measured in dbm, Amplitude is measured in watts/milliwatts in most cases.