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    How to use Cisco IP phone in home lab?




      I got Cisco CP-6941 phone from by boss but I have no idea how to make it work. There is "Phone not registered" on its display and what I've found is I need CUCM but I can't download in from Cisco website because I miss a contract. Well, I dont know how to make a contract, if I must buy some product or buy some service...


      Is there any way how to use it in home and in home lab?




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          Hello Robert,

            IP phones require equipment to manage them to be able to make calls.I haven't got into the different ways in connecting VOIP so I'm no expert.  You need to set up a Call Manager or Voice Gateway.  I conducted a search here in CLN using "Voice Gateway" and it came up with several lessons and posts.

            If you search here on CLN for "voip gns3" you can find all you need.  I've been meaning to do the same, but my priorities are else where right now.


          UPDATE:  Search for Voice Lab also.

            This topic is covered under the "CCNA Collaboration Study Group".

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            thanks for your advice. I looked up for Voice Gateway and I've found some IBM Voice Gateway service but also searched for Call Manager Service at local Cisco partners. I know my phone is kinda outdated but its all I've got. I am already looking for CCNA kit labs on ebay with phones.


            Well, I thought when I connect the phone to my ISPs router it will work


            Edit: I checked your website, a lot of interesting stuff for me, especially when I am using Debian for GNS3 and all networking stuff. Had a lot of issues when using Windows, GNS3 regularly stopped working with VMware but when I switched to Debian, I am a newbie, GBS3 works very well without VMware.