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    Cisco re-certification

    Vignesh Ekanathan

      Hi all,


      My CCNP certification is about to expire on 25th September. Yesterday, I took my CCNP Switching exam, but since I haven't been practicing switching at my work place and with my minimal preparation, I didn't pass the exam (I know, my fault).


      I want to redo my exam within the next week or so (with proper preparation of course) and try my luck again so that I don't lose my CCNP cert. However, the next available date to take the exam near me is on 26th September.


      As per Cisco, my CCNP expires on 25th September. Does it mean that I will lose my CCNP cert by 1 day?


      I don't want to be doing 4 exams again to get certified in CCNP again.


      Can anyone give me suggestions on what I should be doing next? Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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          Hi Vignesh Ekanathan,


          Yes, unfortunately, if you don't pass a qualifying exam on 25th of September, your CCNP will be expired and you will have to start all over again. I would try to find another location if I were you and go a bit further, but get it done within the time limit, rather than losing your CCNP. Also, your CCNA is likely to expire on the same date, so you will end up having to do both CCNA and CCNP from scratch. Definitely worth putting in the effort of getting to whichever test centre has availability.