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    Where can i complain about the CCNP exam evaluation -- Simos 300 - 209


      Can somebody tell me where I can register a complaint about the CCNP exams 300-209 that I took on 13 August 2018? I have taken the given exam a second time and experienced the same problem -- Non-responsive simulation.

      The exam includes a simulation for configuring SSL VPN, configuring bookmarks etc. I have no idea why would't that simple configuration would work, while i can simulate successfully the scenario( similar) on my own PC and have configured the same VPN setup hundreds of times at my work.

      My last failure in exam comes as a huge setback for me? I am sure if I shall take the exam again and if simulation appears again I would fail it.

      Can anybody assist me where should I complain about or ask for the recheck?

      With Regards.