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    Practice labs


      With the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) v3.0 E-learning course, are there labs included.   Are they the same one in the lab package, https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/cisco-learning-labs/for-icnd1-v3-0-60-hour-180-day-cll-icnd1-v3-0-60h180d-020210 ?


      I used Packet Tracer at a Cisco Networking Academy course several years ago and found the labs to be a significant portion of the learning process.


      Many Thanks

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          I think the labs are different package.  You need to purchase them separately.

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            Hi MickeyS,


            First of all...Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network!


            Yes, the E-learning course, does come with lab exercises for you to practice. Its an all inclusive e-learning solution. 

            This Cisco self-paced course is designed to be as effective as classroom training. Course content is presented in easily-consumable segments via both Instructor Video and text. Interactivity is enabled through Discovery labs, content review questions, and graded Challenge labs and tests. This makes the learning experience hands-on, increasing course effectiveness, and provides students direct feedback on how well they have mastered the material. And gamification features are built in, including earning badges and a leader board, to encourage better performance.

            You can confirm this information and other advantages of this elearning ourse from the following link:



            I wish you all the best in your ICND1 studies.