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    Virl 1.5 - OpenStack services - down after Upgrade


      FYI, this is a bare-metal build that is two weeks old and was working OK as far as I can tell from my limited experience with VIRL.


      I upgraded VIRLl 1.5 from within UWM  admin webpage - VIRL Server / System Upgrade "Full". After the upgrade the display says VIRL is successfully upgrade.

      Now the Overview page says under Resource usage by host - Failed to load system status: resource not available. The server may be down.

      And under Resource usage of simulations - Failed to load resource usage: resource not available. The server may be down.


      Also under VIRL Server / System Tools / Check health status, the System Services for RabbitMQ, OpenStack system services, OpenStack services response, and STD Configuration icons all have  red boxes with an "x" in them. Looking at the information inside each one is the follow information:

      • RabbitMQ configured for OpenStack services is probably down; virl-hsbinc (controller): some services should be up but are not: nova-cert, nova-conductor, nova-consoleauth, nova-scheduler, neutron-dhcp-agent, neutron-l3-agent, neutron-linuxbridge-agent ;
      • OpenStack compute service for STD is not available. OpenStack network service for STD is not available. Services nova-cert, nova-consoleauth, nova-scheduler, nova-conductor on host virl-hsbinc are down. Services nova-conductor, nova-consoleauth, nova-cert, nova-compute, nova-scheduler on host virl should not be enabled. ;
      • STD simengine-licensing request received invalid response: 503 - OpenStack admin user or services are not available;


      I am at complete loss on what to do to recover the system other than rebuild it again and ignore any message about an upgrade being available.


      Any suggestion or guidance getting VIRL operational again would be appreciated.





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