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    Core Dist Switch


      hello everyone


      i m planning to upgrade my core switch and dist switch and i would like some advise from experts


      i need core switch with 48 x 10G ports spf+ and  4 x 40G to do full L3 switching features available and VSS budge of 20000 euros each

      also a less expensive dist switch with 10G ports and 40G uplinks

      i looked up for Cisco Nexus 5596UP Switch but looks like there is some limitation like PBR not available etc..


      does anyone have this switch as a core switch ?


      thank you


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          The N5K's can do PBR, but you need the top licensing. I think the 5500's are EOS now. You could look at a 5600 series.


          I quite like the Nexus 9000 series. It's far cheaper, supports layer-3 without changing daughter-cards (including routing protocols, etc), supports 10/40/100G ports (depends on exact model), and has a good feature set without as much licensing.

          There are a couple of things it doesn't do, like LDP.


          You could also look at a smaller Nexus 7K, like the 7702. Depends on what features you need.


          Depending on design, I would consider N9K with L3 routing at core/distribution, and N9K's (L2 only) at the access layer.


          Please note though, that VSS is not available on the Nexus series. Instead you get vPC. It addresses a similar goal, but goes about it in a different way.

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            Hello Matheus--I know this response is a little bit late, but Luke is right.  Cisco's 9K line was built to be next-gen to 5Ks and 7Ks.


            The 9500 series are modular so you can pick and chose the components you need to customize your switches.  The modularity also makes the 9500 series longer-lasting as you can replace components as newer/faster/better features become available rather than whole switches.


            Here's the link for comparing nexus 9K models.  https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/switches/nexus-9000-series-switches/models-comparison.html



            HTH, MM