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    PASS CICD 210-060(Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD) v1.0)


      I did pass CICD 210-060 two days ago and thanks God for that!


      It's very hard exam to my opinion, and now I am think it's really designed for people who already been working with CUCM for years and have a good hands on experience with Collaboration equipment. I don't have that experience with CUCM I do work with VOIP pbx systems but it's not Cisco. So I had to buy server and install all the CUCM, CUC, CUPS, I bought Cisco 7960 phone, I had a 2800 series routers which I turn in to CME call manager, so I can practice. I had Kevin Wallace course material, Jeremy Cioara CBT nuggets video courses I bought official Cisco Academy video course and official book also I bought Boson exam simulation. I spend almost 2 years of study (I wasn't studying like everyday during this two years, but overall from when I decided to get Cisco voice and when I passed exam) and maybe 2500$ for all the material. I am very happy and grateful that I passed this test!


      Now I have a little dilemma since I am not working with Cisco Collaboration systems and equipment how will I go about getting second part of Collaboration cert which is Video part of it. From my understanding and research I woudn't be able to set up Video servers same way I did with CUCM because of licensing and complexity of it. Also to buy and build video lab would be even more expensive. So I am thinking how and why people are getting Cisco Collaboration cert without working for company who has it (I understand that for the purpose to get that job). But let's say you have gotten Cisco collab cert and you got hired to maintain Cisco video system honestly if you only had a book and did not have a hands on experience with Cisco Video server and equipment and SOMEHOW passed the exam you will be completely lost at work you will be learning everything again because book and real live system is two different things. So, this is my thoughts on CIVND part of it.


      If you have thought about it, I did go for completing Cisco Collaboration cert including Video part of with or without access to live equipment please share your experience.