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    IPv6 Rapid Deployment - Topic


      This is a topic for examen

      IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) (RFC 5969) 6rd is a stateless tunneling mechanism which allows an Service Provider to rapidly deploy IPv6 in a lightweight and secure manner without requiring upgrades to existing IPv4 access network infrastructure. While there are a number of methods for carrying IPv6 over IPv4, 6rd has been particularly successful due to its stateless mode of operation which is lightweight and naturally scalable, resilient, and simple to provision. The service provided by 6rd is production quality, it "Looks smells and feels like native IPv6" to the customer and the Internet at large.

      This document presents:

      • 6rd technology description

      • 6rd deployment scenarios

      • Cisco IOS® Software configuration for 6rd

      Overview of 6rd Operation

      Figure 1 provides an overview of 6rd operation.

      Figure 1. Overview of 6rd Operation