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    CCNA Collaboration Study Group


      Hello all,


      I am creating this thread for the purpose of a study group so we all can teach each other and learn things some of us don't know and some of us do know.

      In this group we will meet and speak daily over certain topics of Collaboration and Cisco devices. I am looking for serious individuals that are wanting to improve everyday, this requires you being consistent and always bringing good things to the table. I will provide details below following how to join this group.





      -  Daily Meetings - EST Time Zone

      - Must have "Skype" account. (I will provide a link below for the download and sign up page)


      Skype - Download Skype | Free calls | Chat app


      Once you have completed the above details post your Skype email below and I will add you as a contact and invite you to the Group.




      Let's Collaborate


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