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    No VIRL GUI:Post VIRL installation & configuration on VMware Workstation



      I recently subscribed to VIRL. I downloaded .ova file. File is verified as per initial steps. Followed initial configuration steps - like creating & assigning VM network adapters etc. I imported .ova file for VMware work station pro 14. VMware work station started. completed initial VIRL configuration. After this configuration. VMware machine reboots. Now, I was looking for a Graphical user interface (GUI) to be available to configure & work further on VIRL. But, rather than GUI, I received a black terminal window as seem in attached images, prompting for login. I logged in as virl with appropriate password. No errors nothing. Post login on this terminal - I thought I will get GUI as I observed in different learning videos to work further but I got a console prompt 'virl@virl:"$' (As we can see in attached image) where I can enter different (Linux) commands, like sudo shutdown now) etc.


      I am not sure, what is going wrong & how can I get user interface desktop to start working further. Any assistance, guidance is highly appreciated.