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    Optimizing OSPF timers for WAN links

    "RedNectar" Chris Welsh

      I have found lots of great recommendationsfor tuning CAMPUS OSPF networks (assuming 1Gig & 10Gig links) in the document http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/nsite/campus/ha_campus_routed_access_cvd_ag.pdf.  For those who haven't read this document it boils down to:


      Cisco recommended values for Campus OSPF network design:

      router ospf 1

      timers throttle spf 10 100 5000     !based on 10ms debounce timer for 1Gb/s & 10Gb/s Ethernet

      timers throttle lsa all 10 100 5000

      timers lsa arrival 80

      interface gi1/11

      ip ospf dead-interval minimal hello multiplier 4


      But what about WAN links? 

      Does anyone know Cisco's recommended values for Hello/Router Dead intervals for WAN (Frame Relay/PPP)?

      And is it worth tuning spf & lsa timers on WAN links?

      A reference to an official Cisco document would even be better.