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    Taking 200-355 soon


      I'm planning on taking my exam soon. 


      I have completed the following items:

      1. Read the OCG

      2. CBT Nuggets

      3. Live Lessons

      4. Some experience with WLC (production environment)

      5. Random web searching for topics


      Just looking to see if anyone has any last minute tips, cram sheets, or helpful links to help me finish up last minute studying?

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi jwiley,


          I would recommend having another look at the 200-355 WIFUND Blueprint to review the list of exam topics as a way to help you verify if you need to fill in any knowledge gaps before you take the exam.


          You might also want to review the additional supplemental resources in the WIFUND Study Material page, take the WIFUND Practice questions and watch the CCNA Wireless Training Videos as well. For all other information including certification requirements, visit the CCNA Wireless Certification page.


          Best of luck on your exam!




          Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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            Hi Jwiley1978,


            You have used great resources to prepare for your 200-355 WIFUND exam.

            My advice to you would be to check with the Official Exam Topics,

            that you have covered all the topics in which you could be tested.


            If you don't have the exam topics, you can download them at the following link:


            WIFUND Exam Topics


            That way you can verify each point and you can verify each point.

            Also if you need extra practice.  You can get FREE Practice here:


            WIFUND Practice


            Finally, I wish you all the best in your Cisco Wireless Exam.  You can do it!




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              Thanks guys.  I've been doing some of that already.


              Currently trying to figure out a quick way to make some flash cards on the items that require memorization of numbers. 

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                Hi, jwiley1978.

                Have you passed the exam?

                I am about to start the studying and wanted to know if you could share your experience in terms of wifi labs/best study materials....

                Any advice would be much appreciated.


                Kind Regards



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                  I have not passed this exam yet.  I took it twice but did not make it either time. 


                  Don't be discouraged.  The first time I took it at Cisco Live and knew that I wasn't ready but took it anyway since the exam was included with ticket.  The second time I did think I was ready but just barely missed it.


                  I kind of quit this one.  Shortly after that I got one of the scholarships to get my CCNA CyberOps so I got that cert.


                  I'm putting all my certs on hold now until the new exams come out in Feb.


                  Good luck on your exam.  It's really interesting material.  Having that cert can put in you in a big demand with some companies.  Not as many people with that cert compared to others.

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                    Hey Jwiley


                    thanks for the reply.


                    What study materials would you recommend for wifund 200-355?


                    the feedback on the CCNA Wireless OCG book is rather negative.

                    the videos from cbt nuggets and Lazaro Diaz are the same, negative reviews on both due to no "in depth" explanation on the topics.


                    the "Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0" video course is allegedly good, but for 600 dollars?! What the ...?!


                    so i narrowed down to these two:


                    CCNA Wireless 200-355 Complete Video Course from Jerome Henry (200 dollars)


                    CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide: Exam CWNA-107 (50 dollars)


                    Please let me know what you think and if you had experience with any of these?





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                      The videos with Jerome Henry are awesome.  I sat through one of his seminars at Cisco Live and learned a lot. 


                      I would say that you have a good grasp already on the materials.  Don't forget to pair your knowledge up with the syllabus on the exam and check out cisco documentation to fill in any gaps you might be missing.