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    DCVAI - CLN Course


      Hey Guys,


      Has anyone purchased and gone through the DCVAI course from the CLN Store?

      What are your thoughts on it? is it worth the 1500? It seems expensive.


      Is the Quality decent?  How does it rate against other vendor offerings ? How many hours of content is it?


      Many Thanks and look forward to any replies



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          Hi AlanJ,


          I understand you want to have feedback regarding the DCVAI course from the CLN Store.

          I havent taken directly that course.  But I have taken the ICND1 course and I find it a very valuable resource for preparing with

          official e-learning and with great labs to learn.  Also its a friendly-user interface.


          In my humble opinion, I would advice you to try the "Free Trial Version" currently available for this course. 






          That way you can experience the course  on your own, so you have a better experience on the material, interface and the labs.


          The CCNP Data Center e-learning is available at the CLN store at the following link: 




          I can tell you that the CLN Store provides great resources for E-learning of all the Cisco Certifications.


          I wish you all the best in your CCNP Data Center studies.