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    CCDE study group Practicals May/Sep 2018


      Hello Guys,


          Just about myself, i'm not a Cisco guy done with my JNCIE SP & Security a year back. Was thinking of attempting CCDE this May 2018. Another part of Studying is like when more you know is more you dont know :(. so now plan is not to take risk. I may attempt in month of September 2018.


          I'm creating group for the people who are attempting CCDE in May or Sept 2018. Please PM your email address so i can send you invites.


          Nice to see Elaine and everybody for LIVE sessions in Cisco Live. Wish you Luck. May join you next year. Guide us where ever needed, cheers.


          After things goes well i'm planning for CISSP too. Just a futuristic master plan if anybody wants to join my journey.