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    Exam Order Advice DCVAI exam (300-170) First?


      Hi! I am recently pass my 200-155 and became CCNA Data Center! Yes!!

      This is my Third CCNA plus R&S and Security and I think is time to go for my CCNP. I have a Field engineer job mainly in Data Center Technologies and Routing & Switching. My first idea was going for the CCNP Routing and Switching, but my employer consider a good idea to go for the CCNP Data Center and I accepted the challenge


      I am considering this a great challenge by two main reasons, the CCNP DC don’t have OCG like the CCNP R&S and the availability of training resources for the R&S track are much more than for the DC track, and I don't consider I have enough hands on experience on DC Technologies, but considering this cert take me between one and one year and a half (I hope) maybe in this time I can gain additional experience.

      With that been said, i want to ask what are the recommended order to take the four exams (considering the last one will be the Tshoot or Design exam) , I am considering to take first the Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI) exam (300-170) because we have some ACI projects and maybe it was a good opportunity to learn things to implemented it and study for the exam at the same time.

      I see this two books and  I am considering that can be my two main study sources (for the ACI topics) plus the Cisco official documentation:

      I think I will purchase this one:


      Deploying ACI: The complete guide to planning, configuring, and managing Application Centric Infrastructure


      An this one are in our offfice library:


      Policy Driven Data Center with ACI, The: Architecture, Concepts, and Methodology


      All advices and suggestions are welcome, sorry for the long post!

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          If you're working on ACI projects it makes sense to do ACI specific exams first, DCVAI being a good choice.


          I've chosen this as my first exam as well as I'm doing quite a bit of ACI work and no storage and compute, so I would not benefit from the content I learn.


          I have the book "the Policy driven data centre with ACI" which is ok and a good reference although probably needs an update


          I've just purchased the cisco learning course for DCVAI and INE has some good content on ACI as well

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            Thank's AlanJ!!

            Yes it seems that the "the Policy driven data centre with ACI" is a little bit outdated but for sure it has some valuable content!

            Let me take a look at the Cisco Learning course for DCVAI, this is the one that costs 1500$ ? How good it is based in your experience?

            The Cisco Press page has some ACI Courses, Now I have  a one month free suscription for Safari books, I'll been seen some videos and it seems good.

            I will  be buy the  Deploying ACI: The complete guide to planning, configuring, and managing Application Centric Infrastructure it seems to be very complete.

            Thanks for the advice and good luck with your exams!

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              David Sudjiman

              Hi Gustavo,


              I've passed the DCVAI but I wished I did it differently.


              I was struggling to with the Nexus and UCS part and it took me quite some time to catch up.


              I would suggest that you take the Nexus and UCS exam or study first then go to DCVAI.


              As the matter of fact, I bought the Deploying ACI book. The book is very good explaining the why but not necessarily showing you how. I learned so much from another training vendor such as PluralSight (Malhoit's video) and Jason Lundle's. If you're keen, the INE ACI material id pretty detailed.


              Some of the programmability stuff in the DCVAI are not covered in any of those video training, so this is something that you have to find it yourself. I was lucky to join the training so I have some materials for it.


              If you have the budget for the DCVAI training, I suggest you do the study first on your own (Nexus, UCS, and ACI) and once you've reach 60% of it, you can attend the training. I found the training was quite fast-paced and will be left you behind easily if you're not prepared.


              All the best for your study and exam.




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                Hi David Thanks for the answer, yes for me it seems to be inusual to take this exam first, but now i having envolved in a big ACI project and in the near future in one of VXLAN with EVPN (Basically the underlay of  ACI without ACI) and i want to take the advantage of the situation. Probably if I didin´t have this projects and access to the technologies the ACI exam would be the third I take.







                Why do you say that you had struggles with Nexus and UCS? There ar some topics of virtualization technologies on Nexus but for UCS I dididnt see anything in the blueprint.







                I will try to purchase the INE trainning for ACI, but the Cisco official trainning are a simply out of my budget!







                The programmability part I dont´t have idea how to cover but it seems that are good resources in the DevNet sandbox (I don nkown if you need a partner account) and also ingcludes a good aACI simulator!





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                  David Sudjiman

                  I was struggling to catch-up some of the Nexus and UCS topics as I don't use them much lately.


                  I concur your praise for INE material. They're structured and in-depth.



                  David Sudjiman