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    Access to my lab is free; please ignore scam attempts from inconnu29


      Two people contacted me today to alert me that they had received a suspicious PM from a user named inconnu29 here on CLN, purpoting to offer access to Cisco lab gear for 20 Euros.


      First, the pictures he offers of the equipment are from my lab, which you can see here: http://packetlife.net/wiki/packet-life-community-lab/ This individual is not associated with me or my lab in any way.


      Second, this is a community lab available (by reservation) for free to site members. Donations are accepted and appreciated, but there is no charge for using this lab. It would appear that this individual saw an opportunity to scam people by charging them for access to a lab which he neither owns nor controls.


      If you would like to make use of the lab, please visit http://packetlife.net/lab/. After reviewing the FAQ and user agreement, you may register on the site and schedule a reservation for free.