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    VIRL PE 1.5.145 / March 2018 release - Available Now


      The VIRL team is happy to announce that the VIRL Personal Edition (PE) version 1.5.145 is now available!


      This release includes a few major changes:

      • Updated, streamlined Installation Procedure
      • In-place upgrades from 1.3.x systems to 1.5.x
      • Enhancements to the UWM System Configuration pages
      • Updated Cisco Platform VMs: IOS XRv 9000, CSR 1000v, NX-OSv 9000, and ASAv, and an updated Ubuntu 16.04 cloud-init image
      • VIRL PE 1.5.145  also includes many bug fixes and changes to our packaging and installation process.  Read more in the VIRL 1.5.145 (March 2018 Release) release notes.


      You can download VIRL PE 1.5.145 from the Download VIRL button associated with the VIRL PE purchase your account at http://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/myaccount.


      The installation instructions have been significantly updated for this release. Be sure to follow the new instructions at http://get.virl.info/ when installing VIRL PE 1.5.


      If you are deploying VIRL PE on Packet.net, the Packet.net VIRL iPXE boot image has also been updated to 1.5.145.  Any VIRL PE installation that is currently running on Packet.net’s servers will continue to run as a VIRL 1.3.x instance.  The next time you start a new VIRL PE instance on Packet.net servers, it will be a VIRL PE version 1.5 system.



      The VIRL Team.


      Message was edited by: Tom.  Editing to re-enable the link to the 1.5.145 release notes.

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