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    error port disable


      In my organization now bring some cisco 2960 switch.Already use HP procurve switch like 1700,1800,2500 series.Now some problem is arrise in this network after put some cisco switches.Suddenly some cisco switch port is reflect error port disable.There have only default VLAN1 use.No trunk port is there.In HP switch STP is enable.So what we configure in cisco end for obsulate this error port disable option

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          from cisco switches cli, copy actual syslog message error here please.

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            By default, Cisco switches opt to use Cisco-proprietary version of STP, called PVST+ (on 802.1q trunks), that creates a separate STP instance for each VLAN. HP switches run standard STP protocol, that only has single instance of STP for all VLANs. That's my guess.


            To avoid issues with compatibility, you need to configure Cisco switches to use MST, which by default only creates single STP instance for all VLANs. Here is the configuration example for Cisco switches:


            config t

            spanning-tree mst configuration

            name REGION1

            revision 1


            spanning-tree mode mst


            This should get you to a stage where a single STP instance is running across all your switches.