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    200-355 Exam Frustration and Failure


      I am very frustrated after failing the exam for the second time.  I improved by 80 points and was 40 shy of passing.  I am frustrated because I know so much more than the test covers and yet I am failing it.  I am frustrated at the wording of the questions.  I am frustrated at how LITTLE information is in the Cisco study guide.  I've purchased the CWNA study guide and used that to help prepare for this second test.  I am studying so hard.  I KNOW the material and how the networks work.  Yet I keep failing.  $300 a piece is a lot.  I need to put this test behind me.  I am searching for further information about questions I've missed online and it is helping some... I'm just frustrated at Cisco's lack of support and information for their own exam.  I've earned A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA R+S in the past 3 months, using books and teaching myself.  I don't understand why I am having such a hard time with this test (I passed all the others the first time).

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Brian,


          So sorry to hear about your difficulty passing the exam. As you probably already know, the exam score report breakdown helps pinpoint the areas where you need to focus in preparation for your next attempt. I would also suggest going over the list of WIFUND Exam Topics again to make sure you have a good understanding of all of the content.


          For your studies, did you use other resources in addition to the official cert guide? We always like to recommend using multiple learning resources to help learn all of the topics. If you haven't already, I encourage you to review the resources in the WIFUND Study Material page for a list of content organized by exam topics.


          Other training options include a self-paced WIFUND e-learning course (with a free trial) or classroom course training with authorized learning partners.


          Please also remember that the study group discussion forums are an excellent resource for learning as well. If you need help understanding some of the topics/technologies before your next attempt, feel free to post your inquiries in this group.


          Lastly, I encourage you to open a support if you would like to submit feedback about your experience, exam content or issues. The Certification & Communities Online support site is the official channel to report exam issues/concerns and also a great way for the exam management team to track and review customer feedback.


          We wish you the best of luck on your certification goals!




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