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    Virl Create VM Image RAW-style images are not supported


      Ok i have an bin file that i was able to use in GNS3


      When i try to upload the bin file it says:


      Failed to create image "ASAv-5500": The retrieved VM image type was not recognized. Please make sure that the correct file was specified and that there is no misconfigured http proxy standing inbetween. RAW-style images are not supported and will be rejected.

      What kind of files types are supported

      I tried to convert the bin image to both a vmdk and a qcow2 file however it still gives same error.

      qemu-img convert asa931-smp-k8.bin asa931-smp-k8.vmdk


      qemu-img convert asa931-smp-k8.bin asa931-smp-k8.qcow2


      ME venting:


      I just bought this product and am ready to ask for my money back, way to go cisco for releasing a buggie program to be used as a learning tool.


      I was using GNS3 the ASA image worked just fine however couldn't do switch management,


      I told my CTO this was a good idea and that cisco makes really good product however he wont buy until he sees it in action, i cannot get the ASAs to work, i have an img that works in GNS3 and i am just really overall frustrated.


      Absolutely no support cicso should be apologizing for this ****.