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    New VLAN id not visible across trunked connection



            I have created a lab environment and am encountering an issue with devices connecting across trunked links. I have configured from a catalyst 2950 (I will call this switch "A") a trunk to another 2950 (I will call this switch "B") and from switch A a 2nd trunk to a catalyst 3500 (I will call this switch "C"). From a PC on switch A I can telnet to the VLAN 1 management ip addresses on all three switches and from each switch CDP information indicates the presence of the other two catalyst switches.


      My challenge: I have created on switches B and C a local VLAN id 520 and on a port in each switch cabled a router, a 2610 on switch B and 2811 on switch C with a host address configured in scheme and OSPF enabled. Although VLAN 520 is evident in the topology, layer 3 traffic  not being passed router to router.


      what would be missing that the routers cannot see each other through the new IP scheme?



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