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    Cisco VIRL licencing issue


      Hi ,


      I had cisco virl installed on a vmware virtual machine and I had to to re-install the vm due to a hardware issue.

      Since then virl is giving me the following error message ;


      Failed to check call home status: Cisco contact was not established. This may be temporary. Please make sure the VIRL server is connected to the Internet and capable of reaching the configured Cisco master. Also make sure that the minion key provided to you matches your minion ID and domain, and remains valid. Current status is: Last successful contact was more than 7 days ago. Last call home check result was: Call has timed out; failed to connect or minion key not accepted.


      my cisco ID : deeparoxlk


      debug messages from virl VM is attached.


      Any assistance will be highly appreciated.
      Thank you,


      Deepa Basnayake