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    CIVND 210-065 and general exam rant




      I just wanted to take a few moments to air my views on the CIVND 210-065 exam and a general certification rant...


      I have worked very hard for about 4 or so years going from CCNA Voice to CCNP Collaboration, (Almost 10 years when I add in my CCNP R&S efforts) I eventually cleared all of the CCNP Collaboration exams, retiring the Voice track didn't help, but such is life... Anyway I found out that as the CCNA Voice was not valid to cover Video, so I had to go back and pass the CIVND exam to obtain my CCNP Collaboration. (I managed to somehow clear CAPPS, which was another nightmare to prepare for, but I won't go into that here) Back to CIVND... frustrating yes that I have to do this, but what the heck, it can't be that hard right? WRONG!! This one is absolutely the worst Cisco exam I have ever prepared for in nearly 10 years. Luckily for me there is light at the end of the tunnel with obtaining my CCNP Collaboration and also next year I will be preparing for CCIE Collaboration finally and at present I have positive thoughts around that, so there is some reward for clearing this exam, but little actual value and a slightly lighter wallet of course.


      A few thoughts...

      • A lot of the content is end of life and no longer used in the Cisco world (Surveillance, Digital Signs, legacy MCU, CTS endpoints, legacy TC endpoints, other legacy....)  - so I have to ask, 'what is the point?' I mean seriously? Why test people on content that isn't applicable to the real world? I wish someone at Cisco could actually comment on this. Why not just keep the exam content in alignment with what you sell to customers? People spend a lot of cash on these exams and examples like this make me question the whole thing.
      • I do understand that there are people out there still using the legacy equipment, but for me that isn't good enough. Test on that and then move the exam forward with the current times, especially with products that Cisco have sold off elsewhere!
      • The blueprint again is ambiguous and doesn't specify what we need to spend our study time focusing on.
        • 'Describe video product models' - OK which ones please Cisco? Current models or EoL ones? This is completely unfair and no-one can prepare for questions on this with that kind of requirement. (Again you would have to read A LOT of admin/install guides to cover endpoints from the early TC/CTS days to modern times)
        • 'Describe MCUs' - Again, which ones? Are you honestly expecting someone to read all of the documentation on all of your MCU products?
        • Etc...

      This is how I am preparing:

      • Read the Study Guide over and over
        • The Study Guide is good this time around, but as always is not enough to pass the exam
      • Give Cisco my hard earned cash for their 'official' CIVND offering
      • Dig into EVERYTHING on any product mentioned in the book (Install/Admin Guides etc from Cisco.com - read everything as you could be tested on anything)
      • Sit the exam and hope for the best
      • Hopefully clear the exam
      • Use probably 1/3 of the content in the real world

      I honestly feel that as time has gone on in the Cisco exam world, the exams are really losing their value and purpose. When I started my Cisco journey with CCNA R&S, it was an incredible learning experience, full of value and I was extremely proud when I cleared that certification. (As with CCNP R&S)

      CIVND is absolutely the worst of the bunch and I can't wait until my 'journey' comes to an end so I can be done with all this nonsense.



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          Hi Dean,


          First of all..Congratulations on obtaining your CCNP Collaboration Certification.  Excellent achievement!!

          Well done!!


          I understand your frustration about the ambiguity your found on the exam blueprint and specially about the information of old concepts that have already reached end of life.


          In muy humble opinion, you could voice your concers thru a report about these exam issues via a support case.   If haven’t done it yet, feel free to submit your feedback by opening a case online at the Certification & Communities Online Support Team, you can open your case at the following link:




          I am sure that in their reply, the support team will ask you to provide more details about the exam blueprint issues you found.


          I wish you all the best in your CCIE Collaboration studies. 




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            Hey Dean


            I share your pain, my track was normally the voice path but this collaboration route with products EOL is very poor, I failed after using the official cert guide, CBT nuggets and PDFs which where outdated some as old as 2012 with old content. I say bring back the voice route at least it was something you could relate to in the real world ..


            back to the drawing board for me need to go through the learning material again and hope that I pass ..



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              Brian Jonson



              Thank you for this post because it confirms my feelings as well.


              I failed the 210-065 this past week, miserably.


              I used the official Cisco Press certification guide, CBTNuggets and whatever I could find on Cisco's website.  Without revealing any details, I do not feel these prepared me adequately.  The book, especially, is disappointing and the poorest written Cisco Press book I have read.


              I am not sure how I will pass this exam given the VERY general and vague blueprint. 

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                Jay Murphy

                I cannot agree more with this post. I am re-taking the

                exam in a week. I was not prepared taking this exam even

                with a full lab built out at home. CBT nuggests, Cisco press,

                etc. were not enough. The blueprint i soo broad it hard to

                say what it really covers for a CCNA level exam. You NEED to

                download and memorize info from the admin guides to get a lot of detailed info.


                Without revealing question I had missed most I didn't think were relevant.

                Post exam there is not was to give specific question feedback without a

                copy of the exam. Alot of them seemed stupid to me and not relevant to my

                experience or studies. I wish this was a mix of questions and lab sims like the other testing.

                Everywhere I have worked or supported these platforms. Cisco does not test to real world conditions.


                Hey Cisco, New rule:

                You cannot test on any product or service that has reached EOL or EOS!


                Also they just purchased Broadworks, If/When they refresh the exam

                They my include some content.


                As you have stated you cannot buy an MCU they are EOL but they still ask questions about them.

                If/When you do log into one they are still labeled as Codian NOT Cisco. They have put little

                effort into folding all of these acquisitions into the cisco portfolio.


                There are lots of similar post here, Reddit, and other forums with the same frustration.


                I am sure you will get a response from Rigo - Community Moderator

                somewhere along the line.

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                  HEATHER L KENT

                  I completely agree. I am so frustrated with this exam. I’ve been working with Cisco Voice for almost 10 years, and have CCNP Route/Switch. I’m normally a good test taker too, but I have failed this one multiple times. I’m at the end of my rope. I fear that at this point I must be reinforcing the wrong information since most of these questions are not in the book, and apparently the guides and documents I have looked at didn’t have the correct information in them either. If I could even find a document! I watched CBT nuggets, read the CG multiple times, and watched a class on Udemy. At this point I don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Is this helping me to learn? Absolutely not. Will it benefit me in my career? How could it? I just keep giving Cisco more and more of my money. I’m so discouraged.

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                    Well I am glad to hear I am not alone! I did manage to clear the exam, but it was painful.. passing that one means a lot as I now have my CCNP Collaboration certification!


                    My advise to all you taking the exam is:


                    • CBT Nuggets
                    • Udemy
                    • Safari Books Online - This has a great course for CIVND which I highly recommend
                    • Study Guide
                    • Kevin Wallace
                    • YouTube
                    • Cisco.com documentation (Room best practices, Troubleshooting endpoints etc...)
                    • Try and establish all of the products you can from what is on the blue print and make a list of everything you need to study. I think this was the hardest bit for me... the blueprint is fairly useless, so you need to make sure you have a clear plan of attack on all of the flavours of endpoints and MCUs.
                    • The Surveillance and Cast/Digital Signs/Show and Share stuff is a nightmare to prepare for. Again get out there, YouTube has some great videos actually showing this stuff in the flesh
                    • Read over the install/admin/operate guides for each product and make as many notes as possible (Use mind maps technique if that helps) Try and align your notes with the blueprint where possible. (Even though it isn't clear!)
                    • Get involved in the GUIs and CLI commands (Again some great documentation on Cisco.com for CLI commands on all the products in scope)
                    • Get on dCloud and use the Video architecture lab as this has VCS, MCU and TMS - explore it!
                    • Get on Google images and get as much details as possible on the GUI layouts/menus for the various VC endpoints (TC/CE/CTS etc.. Or better still if you have access to a codec then fab! Who has a CTS 500 laying about though?!)


                    Even with the above tips, this exam is still a disaster and a nightmare to prepare for. I have never seen anything like it before and Cisco should be ashamed to be charging people to sit this exam and expect them to pass.


                    Good luck everyone!



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                      Excellent Achievement

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                        Rigo - Community Moderator

                        Greetings Dean,


                        Sorry to here about the exam troubles with the earlier attempt but I am happy to hear the great news that you recently passed the exam. Congratulations!


                        I also want to say thank you for sharing your experience, tips, and guidance for the exam. In terms of the exam concerns, any candidate who comes across issues with the content, questions, blueprint, etc. is highly encouraged to open a support case (as mentioned in an earlier post above). By opening a support case, the support team will review the feedback and work directly with the exam team to investigate the concerns and/or issues. Please note that your feedback is very important and it is instrumental to the exam teams to make necessary improvements and enhancements. So for the members here who've had issues with their exam attempt, please do consider submitting feedback via an official support case. In addition, we also make sure to forward feedback left on the discussion forums internally as well.


                        Thank you very much and all the best on your certification goals!




                        Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                          Hi Dean,


                          I am preparing for the CICD exam. can you please advice on exam question practice resource ? and also what resource you believe is a must before sitting for the exam.


                          Best Regards

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                            Hi Don,


                            I never actually had to sit CICD as my CCNA Voice exam was carried over when the track changed to Collaboration. Lucky me eh?


                            However I would suggest you start with the CICD Study Guide from Ciscopress and make sure you review the CICD blueprint/exam topics to know exactly what the test will require of you. Also CBT Nuggets and Kevin Wallace are always great resources.








                            Good luck!





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                              Hi Dean,

                              looking on your recomended sources... How much hours of preparation do you think is needed to pass CIVND exam?

                              Just aprox.



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                                For me it was 2 months end to end. That was various evenings and weekends.


                                2 months is normally my general 'rule of thumb' for any NA exam.


                                Good luck!



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                                  just attempted this exam and much like everyone else is saying, the content was not covered in the "official" cert guide or CBT nuggets. this is extremely frustrating and feels like a giant money grab for Cisco and an even bigger waste of my time and money. extremely dissatisfied with Cisco on this course.

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                                    Hello Zac,

                                    die you pass the exam 210-065 ?

                                    Can you tell me how you prepared for it


                                    Grz Jan

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