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    Advice on Putty and troubleshooting


      CRT versus Putty?


      Okay so it is now Putty as the terminal.  Big deal. Putty is the no frills stalwart of a client.  I don't think it is any big deal or that you should use putty for your studies for any considerable amount of time.   If you are really used to Secure CRT and you have some customizations  and scripts that help save you time, then during your studying, keep  using Secure CRT. It is not worth it to move to Putty if it causes you to  lose valuable time. Just use it once in a while or for a subset of your  routers.


      They will give you a diagram that has "hot links", when you click onthe Routers, to the individual Putty Sesion.  the individual Putty Sessions will say "R1", "R2", through "R25".


      I recently failed the exam and here are a few things I wanted to mention:


      * You can drag the Windows Task Bar up so that the putty sessions are all clickable by their individual icons (versus "stacked")

      * the diagram is huge (Troubleshooting): I quickly read through the 10 Questions and tried to evaluate a difficulty scale and also quickly isolate the likely routers involved.  this allowed me to focus in on the routers in questions.  this helped me to be more efficient as I moved between tasks.

      * documentation:  It is more than Configuration and Command reference.  I was looking at the Q&A for BGP and also "New features in 12.4.XT"


      If you have not read the Q&A sections for OSPF, EIGRP, and  BGP then you are missing out on a great document.