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    Packet Tracer: Set up DNS-server for forwarding a request




      in Cisco Packet Tracer ( I would like to have a DNS-server that aks another DNS-server if he doesn't know a requested domain name. Just like in reality.


      All I found was a video on Youtube where somebody seems to have managed this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocPkHyuPo_0 Warning! Annoying sound in the beginning of the video!


      (The Video ist just about how DNS forwarding works in general, not about how he did this with Packet Tracer. However it seems to work: In 1:08 the second Server doesn't know the domain name, in 2:14 it seems to have learned the name through the request to the first Server)


      Does anyone know how to configure one DNS-server to forward a request?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Hi there,


          I know this thread is getting a bit old but I was searching for the same solution and managed to make multiple DNS servers work in Packet Tracer as requested.   


          You need to add some records to the DNS servers that point them to the next server (up the tears).  Those being an “NS” record that then points to the “A Record” for the next server.  I created an NS record type buy the name of “com” that pointed to “root”.  “root” is an “A Record” that then points to the next DNS server IP address.  


          I would like to attach a packet tracer sample for you to see, but I am unable to attach the file to this message.  As such, pics will have to do. 

          The servers on the internet switch are all separate networks separated by different VLANS, so for each server communication it always has to go back though the router Router1 thus simulating many routers quickly and easily for this simple purpose.   



          01 - DNS Local.JPG

          02 - DNS Web1.JPG

          03 - DNS Web2.JPG

          04 - DNS Web3.JPG

          I am by no means an expert but this solution seems to work.  If you open a web browser on PC0 and head to www.pt.com the page should open.  Not only that, when you then check the DNS servers, you will also notice that their cache also have the details.  


          There is also an example on packet tracer itself (in the PacketTracer\saves\server\DNS folder named: Multilevel_DNS.pkt) that goes into the setting in a bit more depth.  If anyone else has any suggestions, buy all means let me know. 


          Lastly, I did find a video…. Got about 5 mins in but for those who are willing to persevere… it may be worth a look.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmWu2jYQSXw


          Hope this is of help to someone.