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    Looking for a good Training company


      I've taken the DESGN class from Ascolta. It was marginal.

      So I'm looking to take the ARCH class and the BGP class in the next 3 months.

      Does anyone have any input on a good training company to use.


      I found the Tech 2000 Inc. has alot of listings on the Cisco Training link, however their website is broken and looks to not be updated for the past 2 years, YIKES!!!

      I'm a little frightened to go with a training company that can't even pay for a working website.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          My thinking on this...  You're doing things backwards.


          Find a class based on the instructor.  Ascolta, Tech2000, CCBootcamp, Global Knowledge, NiL, Skyline-ATS, Sunset Learning, whatever CLP we're talking about will teach the SAME essential classes.  That's the good and bad part about the concept.  So with that, it becomes cookie-cutter.  So, you can make your decision based on overall reputation, or quality of web site, or quantity of inane marketing materials that go out...  But in the end, the quality of your SPECIFIC class is going to be solely based on the instructor.


          I will guarantee you that you can have people from each of the CLPs teach the same class, and you can get COMPLETELY different results out of the classes.


          IMHO T2K isn't worth spending any of your money on.  Ascolta used to be quite well known but appears to have shrunk over the years and that may have had some effect as you saw.  Skyline has some very good people still working for them.  NiL is a highly technical group of people, although they are based in Slovenia, so I'm not sure whether they do training over on this side of the pond!


          Use Cisco's Learning Partner Locator and figure out ALL of your options in the area(s) you are looking to take a class.  Then spend time digging into the instructor you'll get and their background/capabilities/history.  That way you'll get the most bang for your buck.





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            Thanks for the input. I've done quite a bit of research and found there are not many options out there. What trainers do have classes, are struggling to even offer the class due to little or no attendees.


            The one's that do have classes, won't divulge the instructor, I think mostly because they are not sure they will even have enough people sign up, so they don't even book the instructor.


            I was able to find that ccbootcamp has a CCDE Written bootcamp in June. I was unable to get the instructor, but I did sign up, hoping for some type of jump start into this cert.


            Thanks again for the insight.



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              Mark Pugh

              I remember when David Clark, and Brad Ellis of CCBOOTCAMP first wrote their curriculum for CCDE.  Almost 2 years ago.!


              I had a chance to provide review comment on it, and I do believe Russ White got a copy for his review.


              At first, there were some major errors but, over time they have slowly revised the course to be really close to the cisco blueprint.


              I still have my version 2.0 and beta copies and it has evolved over time.


              Plus, one of the Instructors is or has taken and passed the CCDE written test, so I am led to believe.


              For now, with some immaturity in this arena, I would stick with the CCBOOTCAMP guys.  They show up at Networkers a lot, and are located in Las Vegas.


              I would be curious how your experience with them works out.




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                CCBOOTCAMP - CCIE

                Jeremy Filliben, who is a current CCDE #2009003, is teaching quite a few of our CCDE classes. Feel free to email me offline for more detail.

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                  Brandon Carroll - CCIE (Security)



                  Sorry to hear about the experience.  I'm back at Ascolta and I teach the BGP class.  I think it's a fantastic class and one of my personal favorites.  At any rate, if you want to chat about it let me know.  I'd also be interested to see if the issue was with material or more on the instructor side.


                  Shoot me a message when you have a moment.  -brandon.carroll@ascolta.com




                  Brandon Carroll