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    default candidate vs. default route




        I've got a couple of questions here, hope someone can clear up the confusion for me:


        Here is what I think (if I'm wrong at any point, please point it out): that you configure a default route, it becomes the default route on this router. If you configure a default route and propagate through routing protocols, it becomes a default candidate route, which means that it won't be THE default route on every router because other default route can be better and cause other routers to choose that route instead of this one.


        Here are my questions:

      1) In Wendell Odom's new CCNP ROUTE, he suggested using one of 2 methods to configure default routes. First is to configure a 'ip route' route, then use 'redistribute static' OR 'network'. So, does 'ip route' ALWAYS create a default route on the router on which it's configured??

      2) The other method he suggested is to advertise a classful network (which the network address of the Internet router and the ISP router) using 'network' command, then mark the route as a default network by 'ip default-network' command. The network can also be configured in a loopback interface. So, I don't understand why must the network be classful network, why can't I have a network with /30? And if I use a virtual interface instead, do I need another default route to direct all the traffic to the ISP router?


      Thanks for replying,