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    CCIE Emeritus Clarification

    Scott Vermillion - R&S



      The Cisco Emeritus page lists the following as part of the criteria:


      • 10 years active history as a CCIE and an active or suspended status


      Does this preclude those who had a period of suspended status during their initial 10 years of certification? If so, is the requirement for 10 years cumulative "ACTIVE" status, or consecutive? I had a very brief period of suspended status at one point while working feverishly to complete a degree - in Computer Networking! - but I recertified immediately following graduation. Will this couple of month period of suspended status preclude me from electing Emeritus status, if that's the path I chose prior to my upcoming 10-year certification anniversary (I would hope not, given that recertifying during suspended status is actually retroactive/not good for two more years from the recertifying event, but rather from the date of suspension going forward, if that makes sense)?


      Thank you,



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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Scott,


          For CCIE Emeritus, candidates must just be 10 years as a CCIE but being suspended status along the way will not have a negative impact. At the moment you apply, you could be in active or suspended status. When the candidate is close to approaching the 10 year anniversary period (at nine years and nine months), he or she will receive an email notification with information of their potential eligibility for CCIE Emeritus.




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            Scott Vermillion - R&S

            Thanks very much, Rigo! I just didn't want to wait until 9 yrs, 9 mos, only to learn that I needed a few more months of "active" status under my belt to qualify. Still not certain this is the path that I'll follow, but it's nice to know the options available...




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              Hi guys,


              Due to some issues with my email, I missed the deadline for CCIE Emeritus application submission and now Cisco is asking me to either take all three CCIE labs (:)) or I need to take one of the business certification to get my emeritus status reinstated. Cisco Website is saying I can pass 820-427 BTBBSS to recertify but it seems like Pearson Vue is not offering it. Cisco site is recommending two other tests but I rather take one exam instead of taking two exams which each cost $250 and $350 respectively. Please let me know how/where can I take 820-427 exam?