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    CCIE Emeritus Clarification

    Scott Vermillion - R&S



      The Cisco Emeritus page lists the following as part of the criteria:


      • 10 years active history as a CCIE and an active or suspended status


      Does this preclude those who had a period of suspended status during their initial 10 years of certification? If so, is the requirement for 10 years cumulative "ACTIVE" status, or consecutive? I had a very brief period of suspended status at one point while working feverishly to complete a degree - in Computer Networking! - but I recertified immediately following graduation. Will this couple of month period of suspended status preclude me from electing Emeritus status, if that's the path I chose prior to my upcoming 10-year certification anniversary (I would hope not, given that recertifying during suspended status is actually retroactive/not good for two more years from the recertifying event, but rather from the date of suspension going forward, if that makes sense)?


      Thank you,