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    TSHOOT exam - Out of time...

    Paul Allen

      I took the beta TSHOOT today and I was on the last question of the last ticket when time expired.  Does anyone know if my answers to the previous two questions on that last ticket will be scored, or did I just lose all points on that ticket because I hadn't yet clicked 'Done'?


      Obviously, I should've kept a better eye on the clock, but nevertheless for exam taking strategy, it'd be good to know whether we have to click 'Done' before the buzzer to have our progress in a ticket count.



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          Hi Paul.


          Without breaking the NDA, are there any other bits of informaton, strategy you think my help you next time?



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            Rofi Neron


            I hope it wouldn't be the missing points for passing but since you did not click 'done' the answers would not count

            you have to remember that until you click the 'done' or 'next' button, you can still change the answers and therefor it cannot be considered as completed.



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              Hey paul,


                   The if you see the exam details here at CLN it says that it contains 53 questions, this includes the mcq and the 3 questions in each trouble tickets, thus what it means is that the three questions will be marked seperatly and not as a single ticket, So just be rest assured that you will get marks for the two questions that you attempted correctly



              but looking at Rofi Neron's reply i think he has a valid point too, but since you ran out of time , that means the answer cannot be changed so i feel it should be marked



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                Also took it.



                Strategy is find a vue testing center that has an interest in Cisco Certifications and understands the Exhibits and that we must have a 24" Widescreen LCD monitor in order to do these types of tests.  A 15" CRT 1995 style works against the test taker for any of the new tests.



                Not sure who to contact at VUE or Cisco but I am going to investigate the test station recommended spec. prior to paying for any more tests.



                The exam did not have any section or area to provide this type of feedback to Cisco or Vue.  I am not sure what the greater Bay Area, Ca test stations or Cisco Networkers test stations have for a LCD monitor size--but when you have a small monitor, you feel like they are just taking your money instead of providing you what you really need to take the test correctly.





                Very interested in any comments on this!.






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                  IA, I took Tshoot Thursday but the test quit on me after finishing the MCQs and immediately after reading the instructions for the Trouble Tickets. Please understand that Pearson Vue is horrible and always points the finger at Cisco whenever there are issues or irregularities. In any case, here are some leg savers and contacts that may be useful to you: Pearson Vue, open a case with Debbie itpc@pearson.com, 877 404 3926. Simultaneously, open a case with Cisco at 800 553 6387 option 4.



                  • 6. question and help



                    i am doing
                    BCMSN Lab4 – Configuring Layer 3 Redundancy with HSRP  (    http://www.ciscobible.net/archives/383     )
                    in packet-trace, but there are some commads are missing
                    for example these commands:


                    R1(config-if)#standby 1 ip


                    packet-trace is not accepting these commands,
                    how can i do practice these command. and in which simulator
                    plz help



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                      Oh my gosh!  I recently took my ICND2 at a different test facility than I did for the ICND1.  When I walked out I had the same feelings as you!  I could not believe how much easier the exam was working with a proper monitor and keyboard!